Why iKnow Charity? Teams and Rotas

Teams and rotas made easy.

Volunterers are often the life blood of Charities. Clear Communication is vital for each team to be able to work to the best of their ability.

iKnow is fantastic in providing the right person with the right information and equipping leaders to lead, releasing the burdens on admin staff and team leaders. 

  • Create rotas quickly and easily
  • clash warnings
  • Automatic rota reminder emails
  • Simple communication via E-Mail/SMS
  • Share ideas with the iShare screen
  • Easy access to member details
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Intergration with mobile app

You can quickly and easily create rotas for service teams. The system notifies you of how often individuals are serving on team as well a sallowing you to recall preset teams. Furthermore, iKnow will notify you of any potential clashes or unavailable dates that are noted.

Communicating with your team is extremely simple. With just a few clicks, leaders can send a message to their team and add attachments if required.