Why iKnow Charity? Tools for GDPR

Tools for GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation gives a lot more rights to individuals about how their data can be used. The regulation requires charities to be compliant with different aspects of GDPR.

While a lot of GDPR is about tasks that the Charity will have to perform, we've developed some tools to help with this. We have been working on GDPR since summer 2017 and have had a specialist GDPR consultancy company come to our offices to help with this process.

iKnow Charity is the best place to store your charity data as it is all held within a secure environment with advanced access levels for who can access the data within the charity.

Gaining Consent

If you are requiring consent to store information for each data subject then we've developed a tool that will send out an email or text to everyone on your database. This email will have a unique link which takes the user to a web page where they can give/decline consent and choose how the charity communicates with them. You can easily see who has not given their consent within the GDPR module and the iKnow Charity people module. Data Protection Leads can also record on behalf of someone else if they have given consent or if there is another lawful basis for storing and processing that individual's information.

Manage Data Protection Leads

Those responsible for Data Protection can be managed within the GDPR section so that more thna one person can look after the different GDPR areas.