Ensuring your iKnow data is safe and available when you need it is essential.  We've spent the last 15 years working with charities to ensure that their information is secure and reliably stored.  We also have our software externally tested with a penetration-testing company.

SSL Connections

All connections to iKnow Church are made over SSL ensuring that no one can access any of your sensitive data. 

Our Servers

Each charity has its own database to ensure that charities can only access their own data.  

Our servers are only used to host iKnow clients and the server space is not shared by any other organisations.  

User Permissions

With iKnow, your charity controls who can access the different areas of iKnow. There are powerful access controls built into iKnow to ensure that only the right people can access your church data.


We create backups each night and these are stored for 6 months.