Donations and Gift Aid

HMRC Integration

iKnow offers a fully automated HMRC gift aid submission system for charities. iKnow has been working with HMRC API's since 2014 to ensure that gift aid claims are fully electronically meaning your charity can have gift aid in your account within days of the original gift!


iKnow is revolutionising charity finance in one easy to use system being based in the cloud and with flexible permissions you can have volunteers counting and entering the donations directly into the system without being able to see any other finance information at all. This is saving huge time for finance controllers.

One system, accessible anywhere, anytime with reporting and full gift aid claim.

Increased Cash Flow

Our research suggests that many charities wait at least 4 months from when a gift is made to when the subsequent gift aid is received, however this can be done much more frequently with the simplicity of iKnow's Finance module.

Card Processing

iKnow has full credit and debit card processing facilities built in. This means while counting donations after an event or drive you can process gifts made by card right there and then, no logging in to other systems. We support this in two ways - some charities will have their own payment gateway however others may choose to use our provided facilities releasing a new opportunity for receiving gifts.

Increased Giving

Convenience is key to increasing giving. iKnow provides full online giving with a custom online payment page directly linked to your website. Our iKnow Mobile App also has giving built in for android devices, this in-app giving for charities is hugely convenient and an area for potential growth. Both website and in-App giving through the app go directly into the system for reporting and gift aid claim.

See your finances displayed in a nice friendly format

"A comprehensive financial module that makes managing Gift Aid and the HMRC claim with ease. Direct input from Bank account transactions via spreadsheet files is provided to speed up input. Reconciliation of offerings from events has never been so easy."

- Rob Islip - CFO Kings Church