Events and Ticketing

iKnow can manage the complexities of ticketing an event.

The challenge faced by many charities is that they are using ticketing services which can be particularly expensive and don't have a way of integrating with your existing system. 

Our iKnow ticketing system allows you to create events, with a variety of different ticket options. What's more, you can have ‘added extras’ which can be either stand alone in the booking such as a ‘hotel room’ or specific to a ticket for example ‘lunch’. Tickets and all the options can be free or paid for.

Tickets can also be purchased through the iKnow mobile app. This makes is easier than ever to help people buy tickets for your event.

Think about your next conference or event; When mentioning an event to your volunteers, why not take the opportunity to promote use of the app. Simply make the tickets available and promote the app during a gathering or in a newsletter, perhaps with a little incentive such as: 'book this weekend for our summer conference and save 20%’ 

The rates are simple to understand and very competitive


  • As many ticket types as you like e.g. Adult, Student, Child, Family etc
  • Timed ticket sales e.g. early bird rates
  • Flexible bespoke voucher offers e.g. buy 1 get one 1, 10% off ticket, 10% off total basket value, buy 10 get 1 free and more
  • Customisable design - see few examples here
  • iOS & Android App - tickets can be bought directly through your own charity app easily
  • Report of ticket sales - full export of sales Check in system - check in delegates with 100% peace of mind
  • Track delegates behaviour e.g. using our system you can see who went to what seminar or whom purchased goods, even who requested information about your intern program

Fantastic looking form for people to book on your charity events


Get detailed information about your event

People can even register for an event through the iKnow Charity mobile app

Registering for the event through your smart phone