Gaining Consent

How iKnow Charity can be used to gain consent

If you are using Consent as the Lawful Basis for storing and processing information, then our tool makes it straight forward to contact those who need to give consent.

A personalised email will be sent to everyone on the database who needs to give or decline consent for their data to be stored.  Each person will receive an email with an individual link which will take them to their own personalised page (no separate login required).

This login page will allow them to Grant or Decline Consent for their data to be stored by your charity as the following screen shot shows. The person will also be able to view your Privacy Policy.

When someone grants permission it is then logged in iKnow Charity. If someone has declined to give their consent then you will need to remove their data from the iKnow Charity database. People who have declined consent are listed within the new GDPR section in iKnow Charity.

Human nature means that many people may still ignore the email when it first comes out. That is why you can send further emails or even text messages to those who have not given or declined consent.  Should anyone not be on email, then an option appears to download the names and addresses of those individuals as well.