Manage and lead teams effectively using iKnow admin tools.

If you lead a team of volunteers you will automatically be given the team app - this equips the team leader to create rotas, communicate with their team and see team members details (to the level of details they are permitted).

Communicating with your team is made easy with our built-in communication suite - never again will a team leader be trying to find all the right emails or worrying if they have texted everyone in need of their urgent message.

Communication is always the hardest thing to get right yet is of supreme importance, especially when working with a large volunteer base. iKnow makes this a dream!

iKnow again excels in providing the right person with the right information, equipping leaders to lead and releasing the burden on administrative staff and senior leaders. This is part of the core values of iKnow Software. Equipping and informing your contacts, allowing them to find their role in your cause.

See all members within your team


Communicate easily to team members by email, text or post

See how teams are taken further with the rotas