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Just launched - Contactless Giving.
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Donations Manager

iKnow provides a complete donation management system for your charity.

iKnow Charity can be your complete donations solution. Process donations in multiple ways as well as track giving. Create campaigns and designations to sort your giving as it arrives. Charity leaders and treasurers can have oversight by easily visualising what is coming in as regular donations, and what is coming in for a specific project.


Input all cash giving and process card payments too. Accept one off and recurring donations 24/7 through a form added to your website. You can then assign any giving to the appropriate campaign or designation. You’ll always be able to categorise donations for your projects and assign Gift Aid back to the relevant projects.   Low transactions rates with recent report showing 56% of donors choosing to cover transaction fees when donating through iKnow!

Contactless Donations

With the iKnow Charity Contactless Giving App you can turn any phone into a giving device and accept Tap To Give. No additional subscription required - it is all included within iKnow Charity.  Your supporter can now collect donations directly on their phone securely with iKnow Charity. 

Giving Page

Create a page where people can give online to your charity 24/7. The giving page is easy for anyone to use and helps you allow people to give from anywhere.  Giving through the giving page is simple and ensures that donors can let you know they would like their donation to include Gift Aid.

People can give by direct debit / card / Apple Pay & Google Pay either as one-off donation or recurring donations

Event Finance

Log any giving that you collect through your events. You can create limited access so that volunteers can submit the donations once they have counted it. 

Gift Aid

Claim Gift Aid with just a few clicks using our HMRC integration. This means you’ll have more accessibility to increased cash flow by being able to claim Gift Aid as frequently as required. If you have multiple campaigns then iKnow Charity will let you know which campaigns the Gift Aid should be allocated to. 

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