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Pricing for iKnow Charity is simple!

Pricing includes VAT at the current rate and includes all the features.


£30.00 / mth

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£50.00 / mth

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£120.00 / mth

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Maximum Contacts on Database ± 1000 2500 10000
Cost Per Month £30.00 £50.00 £120.00
Donation Fees: * 2.20% + 30p 2.15% + 30p 2.10% + 30p



£200.00 / mth

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£350.00 / mth

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Contact Sales

Contacts on Database ± 25000 50000 50001+
Cost Per Month £200.00 £350.00 POA
Donation Fees: 1.90% + 25p 1.80% + 25p CUSTOM

Other Costs

As iKnow Charity includes a full Gift Aid claim integration with HMRC it means that your charity can manage all the donations within iKnow Charity and claims for Gift Aid can be made in just a few clicks..

Type Fee
Gift Aid Charge 2.5 % of claim
Example of a £1,000 donation by Debit Card to a charity on the Medium Plan with Gift Aid claimed through iKnow Charity
Donor Gives £1,000  £1,000
Less Transaction cost (2.15% + 30p) £21.80
Gift Aid claimed through iKnow Charity £250
Less Gift Aid Charge (2.5%) £6.25
Charity Receives £1,221.95


± Contacts are those whose details are stored on iKnow and include those in the people module and donors.

* Donation Fees - this fee is for Direct Debit, Credit & Debit Cards with the exception of American Express which is charged at a higher rate. The fees shown are the total fees (there is not an additional separate platform fee like most providers).  For Tap To Give Contactless Giving the fixed fee is 35p for all packages. 

Event Tickets sold through iKnow are 3% + 50p

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