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People Manager

Keep the wheels of your charity moving by using iKnow to manage your administration processes.

Journey and processes

Track the journey of your Charity contacts and beneficiaries as they mark off milestones with you. Whether it be their first donation, the completion of a training course or they have requested to volunteer. You can also use their journey to trigger different workflows and tasks for your team. Whether it be following up with someone after they requested to volunteer, or encouraging them to donate again, you can set tasks for your team so that the little things are not missed.


The iKnow Charity database will store all of your contacts in one place so that you can easily communicate with people via email, sms or letter. If you’d like your Charity contacts to get logged into iKnow so they can update their details and see their giving then you can generate login details for them. 

Sometimes you’ll want to record specific details for your contacts. When it comes to the information you can store, there is no limit. There is an opportunity to use our custom fields to create any and all of the sections you need to record data.


If you hold events then the Ticketing feature will generate a web page for your delegates to securely book in. You can use iKnow Charity for free and paid for events.

Communication suite

One of the key tools of iKnow Charity is the communication suite.

Send emails, text messages and create letters to communicate messages big and small with your charity. The communication suite is set up so that your charity can be GDPR compliant, without hassle. Everyone will always be on the same page.

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